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Skoda superb conversion

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hi i'm looking to convert skoda superb into ev, the main issue is the dsg transmission. Is it possible to use the existing dsg transmission of the car as the power train...let me know it would be great help
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A typical dual-clutch transmission is more suitable than a traditional automatic with a torque converter, but
  1. control may still be an issue if you can't force it to stay in manual mode all of the time,
  2. the transmission would need to be prevented from slipping the clutch to avoid stalling the non-existent engine, and
  3. you would need to confirm that it works properly (e.g. doesn't drop a clutch engagement due to loss of hydraulic pressure) when the input shaft stops turning.

For anyone else helping, I'll note that a Škoda Superb is essentially a VW Passat, and so the automatic transmission is the common VW Direct-Shift Gearbox... in one of the several models of DSG. With a DSG, this Superb must be a 2008 or later.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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