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Smaller Renault Twizy Bike Build

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Hello everyone!

A couple of days ago my city was struck by a massive amount of snow, it gets cold and dark here. Walking to get some groceries in the complete darkness I was struck by the idea of how awesome it would be to trek through the snow or to drive on the salted biking paths in a smaller Twizy look alike. Since I am under the legal age to get a car license, there is no real way for me to quickly get from point A to B. Scooters and mopeds are terrible in the snow.

My intent of this mini car is to be able to easily move from A to B, without dragging myself through the biting cold. My country has very loose regulations regarding bicycles. If I size down a Twizy, keeping the four wheels, equip a maximum 250 watt motor and limiting the speed to 12.4 mph, it still counts as a bike. Therefore I am able to go on the bike paths all around my city.

But I need advice on a motor, batteries, what to build it out of, and what wheels to use. That’s why I came here.

All help is greatly appreciated :)