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Fuses are a completely separate topic.

Power supplies and DC-DC converters just keep putting out current until they are turned off, either manually or by an HVC circuit.

Ancient garage-style chargers used to be the same, basically obsolete.

Proper chargers these days all have a stop-charge algorithm for safety and to prevent overcharging the battery. Dropping to a lower Float stage voltage after the bank is full is as "smart" as is needed, aka 3-stage charger.

More complexity and automation than that is rarely a good sign.

Really good ones, the user can custom adjust, not just the Absorb / CV voltage, but also how long Absorb is held.

Looking at a few hundred bucks, but we'd need to know more detail to make specific reco's.

Type of battery, specific make & model and Ah capacity? (ideally a link)

Different types you may want in future when replacing the current ones?

Used for what purpose?

How fast do you need to charge?

What specs on the mains supply circuit?
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