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Smith Edison electric Transit Van

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Hi Everybody I recently joined, and posted ime making a feet forward fully enclosed electric motorcycle, and hope to send some pics when ive made enough progress. Having committed to one project, i have also been on the lookout for an electric van for work, and have just acquired a 2009 Smith Edison Transit. I have been looking for information regards these vehicles prior to purchase for some time, but apart from the standard factory blurb and a very limited test drive review, their is not much else. I am aware a retail chain bought a large no of refrigerated vans only to find they could not take any payload, and all were subsequently quickly scrapped off, resulting in lots of parts going out for sale on various web sites. I received no information from the company it came from, and no handbook. What i would like to know, is how many of you are out there actually driving these things every day, what tends to go wrong with them, and at what distance, or age. I bought mine with all the battery's slung underneath the chassis, as opposed to the battery box in the back, so i assume they are LIFPO4 cells, which is what i wanted, but also want to know the pack voltage, and how are they set up? are they 12volt Valence battery's or individual cells that make up a pack. What distance should i expect from an 8 year old pack? can you tell if any cells are damaged or low, by plugging it into a PC, and is the software readily available. I also saw somebody in the past making an interface printed circuit board to communicate with the drive, but i wasn't much wiser after reading it, which was nothing to do with guy explaining it, just my total ignorance with electronics, which i have a feeling will come in useful. I assumed it was to replace an existing item that may? may not be a problem weakness with these vans, are there other people who have had to sort this out and how. I did read an earlier remark from another member, who suggested they were not worth having, due to very little support, and having seen several of his comments on other issues, can see he is a very capable and helpful chap, and i am sure he made a very accurate and balanced judgement, so much so, with his experience, it did really put me off buying one. That said it ticked all the right boxes otherwise for what i wanted , and although i am sure he is right, and at the moment it is lovely, and also lovely to drive, i just hope it stays that way, but if it does all go drastically wrong, its a very good basis to modify, and should still be a lot cheaper than the Nissan van i was looking at, and if it cant be fixed, the worst thing i can do is strip it down and sell off the bits, and use some of them on my current project the charger ect, and then just stick a diesel in the hole left behind. Thanks in advance Yours Dave Arthur
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Hi Dave sorry so long getting back, initially I checked messages every day then longer and longer. Still don't know much more, but mine seems fine, just hope it stays that way, as ime not very savvy on electronics, but from a basic grasp of what may be going on, if its stopped charging and if like mine it has the 2off Brusa chargers fitted on rh side (viewed from front) it is unlikely it is the charging. Ive observed both chargers run together, then after several hours it goes onto one charger, but sometimes they swop over the single charger. you would have been very unlucky to have blown up both together, more likely just a trip. Their are several directly under drivers seat, and also under a cover in the drivers footwell behind a plastic cover, or possible the charger feed in cable has been damaged, or where it feeds into the van, other than that keep looking, or sell it on to me for spares. yours Dave
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