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I recently bought at auction a 2012 Smith Electric D75 ex FedEx step van. I am desperately looking for an owner’s/shop manual for it. None seems to exist! It would also be great to find someone close enough to come by and check it out. I live in Anaheim, CA. I have not been able to even start It as of yet, but I used the charger cable from my 2013 RAV4 EV and it seems to have charged up. Can anyone out there help me?
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I was given a nice gift related to these trucks and vans! Please message me and I will try to hook anyone up with a smith van or truck.
hi I just bought one too. Stuck on the smith logo. Need any help I could get.
Is this a 2010-era with Valence Batteries or a 2012-era with A123 batteries?

If it is the 2012 with A123 batteries, the most important thing you'll need is a PCAN USB adapter so that you see what's going on with the individual battery levels. The official adapter is $225 and it is called the "IPEH-002021", but I found a knockoff for $55. I bought two of the knockoff and can confirm they both work fine, but the power cuts out on one of them if I wiggle the USB. For the price difference, I'm not complaining. Here's the link anyway, they ship from China so it might take a few weeks: 55.8US $ |Replace PEAK PCAN USB IPEH 002021 IPEH 002022 PCAN View|Contactors| - AliExpress

If any individual battery cells are below 2.5v, the entire truck will refuse to drive or charge. To bring up the voltage I know three methods, with varying levels of danger and expense.
What are the options to charge them up. U willing to sell me one of the connectors alibaba is saying deliver by nov 2
Hi I have a complete step van if anyone is interested in buying. 3/4 battery packs charge up. And 1 only has 2 cells that won’t charge up. Make me an offer.


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Where are you located?

There is also a Smith Newton Truck on Craigslist down in LA, no batteries. I'd love to drag it up to Eugene, but it isn't practical to haul at this moment.

I’m in Sacramento
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