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Using an electric bike instead of a car is the best way you can reduce
your fuel usage and increase your fitness. They're ideal for commutes
of up to 50km a day and ideal for people from 15 year old to 80 years
old and from 40kg to 120kg. Finding a really good electric bike
conversion kit for your bike can be difficult. We've done a lot of
research and testing and have a great simple systems at very fair
prices that we can send anywhere in the world - though we specialise
in Australia. We're also making some progress towards getting them all
solar-powered and appreciate any help and ideas on this. Please see
our website for lots of information on electric bikes and making them
solar powered - and eventually algae/hydrogen powered.
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Hi, I've done quite a bit of research on electric bikes and specialise
in conversion kits. I recently went to China to visit some electric
bike factories and shows. If you're interested in watching a short
documentary on the electric bike scene in China please visit my SOLAR
BIKE website and watch one of the videos I made. Otherwise search youtube for
"Electric bicycles in China documentary" and it'll be the first hit . Happy Cycling. Matthew

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The 2011 GIANT CROSS CITY 4 is a sporty, fast and comfortable
bicycle that is ideal for electrical conversion. The quality running
gear, good price and chromoly steel forks make it an excellent choice
for a very fast transportation machine. This model pictured here I
converted using a 500W motor and a 36V 10Ah lithium ion battery
(LiFePO4) that comes in a custom designed lockable double layered rear
rack. It offers a speed of about 35km/h and a range of approximately
30km with light pedalling. The bike retails in many shops for around
$600. The kit is $890 through Solar Bike, . The
triple walled deep V rim that comes with the motor kit are a good
improvement. Installation took about 1 hour.


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Hybrid System to Solar Charge an Electric Bicycle

There are a few different ways to solar charge an electric bicycle but
this is probably my favourite system; I can use one 48V panel through
a custom regulator to go straight to a lithium ion battery or else I
can use the same panel to charge a battery bank to store the energy
and then use an inverter and the normal battery charger for the bike
battery. I've made a short video to show how to do this and put it on
youtube. You can also access it through my Solar Bike website -
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