eBay listing: 150kW 665Nm AC 3 Phase EV Motor w/ Semikron Controller | eBay

Here’s a rare opportunity of a Fisker Karma AC PERMANENT MAGNET (3 Phase) SYNCHRONOUS EV MOTOR
Rated @ 150kW (200hp) 665Nm (490ft/lb) Torque and Maximum 6,000 RPM
The Motor has been machine shop customized to directly bolt on a stock Chevy Corvette transmission bell housing using a precision CNC cut 1 inch thick Aluminum plate seen in pictures.
Also included is a precision custom motor shaft adapter coupler to stock transmission spline drive shaft.
Machine shop customization cost alone was $5k let alone the cost of the Fisker motor.
We are also including a Semikron 3 Phase Motor Controller Inverter Model No. SKAI 90 A2 GD06-W12CI
This Semikron Controller Inverter has been custom programmed to operate the Fisker Karma Motor and why we are including it.
You will never find such a combination and opportunity of a Bolt On EV Motor to stock Chevy ICE transmission, let alone with included Pre-Programmed High End Semikron Controller Inverter.
The cost of writing the Controller program to operate the Fisker motor was about another $5k plus the cost of the Semikron Controller itself.
So there’s no engineering or customization work to be done to convert a ICE to EV like a Corvette or other car models using a compatible Chevy transmission housing. However, you do need some electrical and electronic knowledge to make all the electrical connections to get this package working.
The package was removed from a fully working test prototype and has had less then 500 miles of use.
Due to the sensitive (electrical) nature of the Controller and the ridiculously low asking price for this package, the sale is final with no returns or refund possibilities.
The motor, controller and all wires will be professionally crated for freight pickup once payment is received.
Free pickup or Freight pickup from Vista, California 92083