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SOLD 1986 Toyota pickup conversion Brushed DC $1,700 OBO Tucson

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-------------------TRUCK IS SOLD------------------
1986 Toyota pickup EV conversion for sale.
185xxx miles (16,000 electric)

The good:
Zilla 1kLV with hairball
Warp 9 brushed DC motor with custom forced air cooling (new brushes in 2018)
CALB 130AH 144vdc pack with miniBMS with monitor display
500amp fuse mid pack with spare.
Contactors on positive and negative of pack
Emergency shut off in cab
12v display in cab
2008 Toyota Prius coolant pump with aluminum reservoir and 6x12 radiator
Battery box has active cooling with a blower when charging
ELCON PFC 3000 charger with J1772 adapter
Meanwell DC-DC converter
10amp solar charge controller for optional solar charging of the 12v system
Vaccuum pump with reservoir on brake booster
(no power steering or AC, this is a basic 1986 truck !)
SPEC performance clutch with ~4000 miles on it
Air shocks in the rear (lifts the bed about 1")
Aux jack for plugging in phone, no radio. New speakers in 2018.

I've driven this conversion as a commuter for 16k miles over about 4 years. It has made a great fun commuter and utility truck, it has a 2" box hitch and
I have used it to haul small U-Haul trailers for dump runs and moving friends many times.

The not so good:
The ELCON charger now only functions as a 1.3kw charger, one side of the charger is dead, it may be just a fuse but I don't know.
The cells have started to show their age and even replacements I got are not doing great.
The range is still a solid 30 miles or so to perhaps 30% soc, but some cells are suffering although most are good, I have recent load data I will post. (range when Batts where newer was 55mi to 25%soc)
The drivers side window crank is junk, sorry. It works but its a PITA.

Included: all manuals, spares including extra calb cells that may be good in a pinch but have maybe 50% capacity.
I will also include balancing load resistors and a 10 amp 0-30vdc power supply for charging individual cells.

Vehicle is located in Marana, 15 mins north of Tucson and I'd like to move it quickly so I am posting for $1700obo - very open to offers
(I've invested roughly $13,000 since 2010 when I started building and after I got it on the road in late 2016)

Obviously I hope this post doesn't attract newbies who think this is a steal: keeping this truck on the road is actual work, and I have just had another kid ;)
It is going to require a new pack ($2500 minimum investment) fairly soon or to find a new source of 130ah calbs or similar (150's are the same size and can be found).
It will probably need a new charger (New elcon 144v nominal chargers are about $780)
A veteran who's maybe looking for parts or a fun project I hope might be interested.

I will not part this truck out.

Tire Wheel Plant Sky Automotive parking light

(ammo boxes under the bed no longer installed)

Circuit component Passive circuit component Audio equipment Electronic instrument Electronic engineering

Car Window Vehicle Motor vehicle Car seat cover

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas Electrical wiring

Textile Art Bag Wood Electric blue

Electrical wiring Urban design Electricity Computer hardware Engineering

(^ this is the battery pack as of today Nov 6th 2021)

Outdoor bench Bumper Wood Automotive exterior Motor vehicle

Wood Electrical wiring Engineering Gas Circuit component

Product Engineering Urban design Machine Symmetry

Tire Wheel Sky Car Vehicle
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Man I sure would love to jump all over this!! But I am in Atlanta GA... Been waiting for something like this for years!!
I Just sent you a PM ... I got to find a way to get this... Please check your Messages..

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