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SOLD 2008 KTM 250SXF Donor Bike Electric

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The original bike was a KTM250SXF. It has been converted to electric about 5 years ago. EVALBUM #3817
I just upgraded the battery system to 48V 45AH with 16S3P Headway 40152S cells and a Daly BMS.
The mounts, jackshaft and bearings are all new. The old system was still working but had 5 years of wear and tear.
Motor is ME1004 and the controller is Kelly KD72501. The motor is running at 48V 400A ( actually measured at 380A to the controller) The motor could be pushed to either 48V 500A, or 72V 400A. The controller is rated at 72V and 500A, with regen braking (That is working) The battery system could be reconfigured to 72V 30AH by 24S2P, and a different BMS. A ME1003 would bolt in and take 72V and 400A. This is about 28.8KW or about 38hp. Current bike is 48V 400A or about 25HP. Going to 500A would give you about 30HP.
The frame is now California street legal, ( Special Construction) but currently registered in Arizona.
It has all the lights and blinkers working on it, but the taillight can be easily removed for offroading. Headlight is LED, bright.
I have tons of more video and pictures. I want to sell the bike, but I can make kits of the plates and the main plates I have the Solidworks .slddrw, and .sldprt and .pdf of the parts.
I will also sell this motor, mount, controller, and the battery system with or without the cells.
Email me with questions, and I can send you a lot of images, or post replies
Can separate parts, and or help build your own version.
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