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SOLD: Cafe Electric Zilla Z1k LV Controller, $700

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This is from my upgraded Lectric Leopard with only 1300 miles that was parted out before its time. It's one of the original twenty Z1k beta units. It must have been pretty well sorted, because it has needed nothing. One thing that sets it apart that really helped in my car was that the hairball and precharger are separate units. Combining the precharger into the hairball made it longer, and I wouldn't have been able to find room for it.

That little PCB in the picture is an optical tach pickup that I don't know if Otmar ever put in production. I never got my tach to work, but that was most likely the fault of my $20 tach than the sender.

This unit was always a great performer, but 'stuff happened' to my project (mostly unrelated to the project) which is why it ended up being parted out. I have no reason to believe this unit doesn't still work just great, but I can't verify it. So I'm selling it as-is for cheap. I also have an original manual for it.

Price: $700 Shipping weight: 23 lbs. (estimate)

Payment by Paypal or cash in person. I'm in the Philly Metro area. Shipping is extra.
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Hey I’m interested!
Great! You're the first to respond, so it's yours if your interest is strong enough. Any questions I can answer?

FWIW, There was another ad in my blast of ads, which I then edited, and now it's in approval purgatory. It's for a water-cooled 800W DC-DC converter (100-200VDC input) I made from Vicor modules (BatMod and triple MegaMod). So it should be ultra-reliable, and the water cooling makes it small for its power. Any interest in that? I'm asking $200, which is a steal compared to the retail prices of the Vicor modules. Deals can be found occasionally, but you pretty much have to stumble on them.

Any interest in that? (Gotta light a fire under a mod, or maybe just re-post it.)
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