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Sold: Hawker SBS C11 Batteries

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I have available to me a little over 60 each of the following batteries for sale:

Model# SBS C11
Voltage: 12vdc
Capacity: 91.9Ah
Length: 15.6"
Width: 4.1"
Height: 10"
Weight: 66.1lbs

These are Brand NEW, at least they were never used, as a matter of fact they were still crated in containers of 4 each when purchased, but had to be unpacked in order to relocate them. They have labels that say a RECHARGE DATE in the 2006 range, the battery datecodes are from 2005. As supplies last, these will also come with interconnection kits, when two or more batteries are purchased. These kits include braided cable straps, bolts, etc. for connecting the batteries in series or parallel banks, and snap on plastic battery post covers.

They are for sale to EV'rs at $87 each + $3.00 texas state fee + Shipping/Handling from zipcode 74730

If anyone is interested in these, please email me at: [email protected]


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Re: FOR SALE: Hawker SBS C11 Batteries

Battery update: I tested a battery that showed a 12.8 volt charge just off of my solar array. The battery tester is a 100amp load tester w/an analog meter with green zones for 200amp, 400amp, 600amp, 800amp & 1000amp. The tester says to turn on the load for 10seconds and read the meter to see if it is good. I ran the load for over 30seconds (load tester was smokin), but the meter stayed in the green zone for all amp gradients. It was in the middle of the 600amp green zone.
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