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Kelly KDHE controller for series wound DC with waterproofing & CAN Bus options. Works with Hall effect or pot input. Programmable with serial cable or USB to serial adapter and Kelly's software.
  • 24-144V DC
  • 800A max current
  • 360A continuous current
Bought new and used for about 1500 miles on my EV conversion before I replaced it with a Zilla 1K for a bit more power.
Comes with ZEVA smart precharger which uses internal precharge resistor to bring controller capacitors up to voltage before turning main contactor on.
Controller comes with test controller box so that you can test without hooking up an accelerator pedal.
Two fans also included. I just had them zip tied to the controller, but you'll probably want something more substantial or find a liquid cooling plate. This controller does generate some heat when run at max settings and will begin self-throttling after a while if it doesn't have adequate cooling, hence the fans.
All of this cost me about $1400 new. I think $650 used is fair, but send me an offer.
Located in Virginia, but can ship anywhere in the US.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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