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Too many other projects means my Leopard has sat for far too long. It's time to let it go. The car is just outside Philadelphia.

A full description of the car is at . The highlights are:

Set up for 20 GC batteries, still seats 4 comfortably
A ceramic heater blows air through the original heater ducts! (Leaopard owners know what that means.)
Zilla Z1k controller
Manzanita Micro PFC20B charger
Compact, water-cooled 50 amp DC/DC converter
Renault Gordini Turbo torsion bars and sway bars
Koni shocks

The idea was to make a hobby EV that was truly usable with no excuses. I never found its maximum range, but 80 miles is a safe bet. (Tour de Sol competitors with a similar layout were getting 160 miles in competition.)

As well as it worked, the thing that took it off the road was my "temporary" wiring boxes made from wood just to get it running. I never got the time to re-do them, so a ground fault developed and other projects got in the way. There are no batteries in the car. This would be a terrific candidate for a Leaf pack. (Torsion bars allow you to re-set the ride height for less weight.)

$3000 is less than the used prices of the electrical bits alone. The car (with only 1400 original miles) and the upgrade work are free.

This is a great example of the hobbyist-era EVs that led us to the production EVs available today. If the car doesn't sell this summer I have to scrap it. Please don't let that happen.

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