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SOLD:PROJECT 1984 Porsche 928S EV Race Car - $1000

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Due to current life circumstances I need to part with this project car.

It’s a 1984 Porsche 928S that was converted to an EV by a prior owner.

It’s been sitting in the driveway for a few years, the battery pack is removed, but remaining parts include:

Zilla 2k controller w/ hairball
Advanced DC FB-4001A Series Wound DC 9" w/ set of replacement brushes
Motor mounted to stripped transmission, 2 remaining gears
Torque tube to rear wheels
Elithion BMS that was never installed
Replacement plexiglass rear hatchback & quarter panel windows
Misc wiring, fuses, gauges, relays

Needs to be towed.
Currently registered as Planned non-op in Santa Clara, CA.

Has a CA EV title.

Asking $1000


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Paint job seems to be love it or hate it, I didn’t feel the need to change it when I bought the car, it definitely grew on me.

Good question on the rear steering, I believe so, looks like all the control arms are there. I didn’t do any modification there, but can’t say whether the prior owner did.
Is plexiglas street legal for car windows? I didn't think it was.

Agree with Matt that the rear wing is hideous and I'd note that it goes against wanting a low Cd (low drag) that the car body might have offered otherwise.
It's my understanding it's OK for the rear/sides (technically the material for the replacement is not plexi, it's polycarbonate).
However, I believe the front windshield needs to be DOT approved Auto Glass. The front windshield on the car needs to be replaced. Right now it is Lexan, and showing it's age, scratched, yellowed. It was put on to drop weight, as the prior owner did track the car.

"buy a car from someone who joined the forum just to sell the car. " - I joined and have browsed over the years (since 2016), but never really had anything to post, so not just to sell the car. Came here first as this would be the best place for someone who knows a bit more what they'd be getting into.

"OP can resell the zilla and hairball for the ask on the whole car. " - Yes, thought long and hard about this one, but all the while the car still sat while I was thinking about it. Eventually the wife had enough ;)
Taking out just the Zilla would then leave me with the rest of the car.
I'm looking for someone to take it all, I just don't have the time right now to either part it out or rebuild.

Really appreciate the discussion though, and thanks for looking!
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Still available.
Thanks for looking.
Yes, still available. Thanks
Still available. Thanks.
Some folks with interest but not a done deal yet.
Still available, feel free to PM.
Hi, looking for $1000 like in the subject of the post.

As for what the car needs, technically a battery pack would get it moving, but it definitely needs a bit more TLC to make it enjoyable.
If you browse around the forums, you'll also find that pack design is part art, part science, part engineering, so it's not quite a drop-in and go task...

The seats are beat up.
It needs a paint job.
As discussed earlier in the thread, it needs a new windshield, and the rear window/poly-carbonate replaced.
I'd replace the brushes in the motor and drive it easy for a bit to give the brushes time to set.

It's definitely a project, but I aimed to price it as such.

Thanks for looking,
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With the full pack it was about 2800lb, but with most of the pack gone, should be closer to 2200-2300lb or so...
Car is sold, thanks everyone.
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