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SOLD: Tesla 90D Battery Modules - $10,800

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I have a dozen modules out of my wrecked 2016 Tesla Model X 90D (odometer unknown). I'm selling all 12...I only want to deal with this once vs sending out one at a time to people.

The car went into a tree or pole, dead center and at very high speed from what I can tell and a few of the plastic mounting rails broke, which is why I've discounted them to $900/$1000 apiece. This is not a flood car.

I'm also going to list these on Craigslist, and will list on eBay for $100 more.

I've had these sitting in a climate controlled environment (trunk of a Model S with climate control on, lol) since they were pulled last year. The SOC you see in the pics is as pulled, sitting for a year without charging. You can see they have the BMS board still in them - the liquid cooling pipes are not visible in the pic.

They'll be on a pallet, sent out truck freight at your cost. If you're near Portland Oregon (that includes you, Seattle), I'll deliver them to you with my truck for free.

I was going to use these in a Gen 5 Camaro conversion (10 under the hood and 2 behind the rear seat meant factory-ish weight & handling), then I loaded up on two more vehicles and have drive motors for all. I recently scores a bunch of LG Chem pouches, enough to do four cars, so having these means I need to do a different pack for them vs focusing my time making "standard" packs out of the slug of LG Chem cells I have.

I have a forklift to load a truck if you want to arrange customs & shipping for wherever it is that you are on the planet - I can also take them to a freight terminal in Portland or Seattle if needed). You are responsible for any and all taxes & fees. Money goes to a good cause - my EV conversions 馃

They'll ship on a standard 40X48 pallet when I have the cash. Guessing floor to top around 16-20 inches (non-stackable), maybe 720 pounds, 325 kg?

***Edit - in answering questions for the Craigslist ad, I needed to look closely at the BMS board on the module. I discovered that module with the lowest has a blown (literally) IC 103 on it, so its BMS board will need to be replaced. I'm selling these intact, so the buyer will need to do that. I checked the other modules and their boards look good. The voltage measurements were taken the day I put this ad up. Car was on lease, was 2 years, eight months old, so likely less than 45k miles on it. The last time it was charged was when it got wrecked in early 2019, to give you an idea how good these particular cells are at holding charge. I'll be taking it to eBay if no takers here or locally in about a week. Pic of the damaged board:

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I still have the DU - am on the fence about keeping it because I'm swimming in motors right now. CPU is gone in that car, so no logs for it.

I have another "bruised up" Model X that we could pull logs off of - I don't have time to filter & extract the data, but would love to have all the commands/responses to do my own CPU for my projects so I'm not beholden to The Elon, so maybe there's a collaboration. PM me so we're not cluttering up the thread with side talk.
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