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Solectria AC55 Motor Wiring

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I have a used Solectria AC55-a motor and the phase wires were separated, so the motor has 12 leads. I need to know how to properly connect the leads.

The wires are labeled
1,1, 2,2, ... 6,6

When I used an ohm meter I discovered the wires of same windings were
(1 4),(1 4),(2 5)... I have six separate windings.

The problem is I have no idea how the windings are laid out in the motor, so I can't properly connect it.
I tried to email tech and product support @ azure dynamics, but the emails bounced. I also tried to search for the information, but it is seems like they have a pretty tight grip on good technical product documentation.

The way I look at it now, I have a couple options
a) someone on the forum has the answer
b) call azure dynamics and try to get the info
c) apply a test voltage to a winding and read the induced voltages on the other windings.
d) take it to a motor repair shop and ask them
e) crack the motor open and look at how everything is connected

Anyone have the answer or know of a good way/procedure to get the answer?
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Thanks Major.

I think you are right about treating the different windings as pairs.
(1 4)(1 4),(2 5)(2 5), and (3 6)(3 6). If this is correct then I have a dual voltage motor that can be configured in either a wye or delta configuration.

Based upon the original inverter only having 3 lines and no nuetral I was thinking the motor was originally connected in a delta configuration.

Next thing to figure out is if the motor needs to be wired for a "high" or "low" voltage. A real motor spec would be nice. 312 VDC on an AC motor spec isn't very helpful.
312 VDC on an AC motor spec isn't very helpful.
I take that back. Assuming 312 Vpeak from the inverter, Vrms = 220 V. 220 Vrms is reasonable for connecting the motor in a "low" voltage configuration.

I would guess the motor was originally a 208-220/440 3-phase 12 lead motor.

For a low voltage, delta configured motor.

Phase 1 - leads 1 & 6
Phase 2 - leads 2 & 4
Phase 3 - leads 3 & 5

Any objections/thoughts?
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