Hey guys I am on my 2nd conversion and I'm updating to a Leaf EM57 with Openinverter and Leaf inverter.

Originally the Soliton was in my first conversion, 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD:

I then transferred it all over to a 2005 BMW E46 325xi. Yes, also AWD. I prefer neck-snapping torque over smokey burnout shows (but those are still fun).

Total mileage is about 22,000 km and it has been flawless the whole time. Early in life my motor failed and took out an IGBT. It was repaired by Evnetics and has been perfect. Full liquid cooling since day 1. I even have a private Android app for data display/logging if you're interested.

If you are looking at this ad, then you probably know everything you need to know about this controller. Pics are attached. Externally it shows some age and you can see in the 3D model (shown in the evalbum info) where it was located.

I can also include an Evnetics billet throttle, but I cut the original harness for my E46 installation. That will need to be spliced back for your application.

Clearly, this Ad is not a scam - you will notice the modified cooling fins on the 1 corner.
I will only deal through PayPal or direct eTransfer of funds.
Buyer pays for shipping.

Depending on the location/distance shipped, I can box it (not recommended) or build a small crate (recommended).