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Soliton battery and motor voltage

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Hi everybody, i have a doubt for my project. Hope someone can help.
I have a 48V battery, a Soliton 1 controller and a WarP9 motor. WarP 9 recomends voltage for the motor above 70 volts. Can i use this battery and program Soliton to deliver voltage for the motor above 72 volts. I think this actually means soliton will increase voltage from battery to motor.

Thanks, Trezzo

Trezzo, I see this is your first post. Questions like this should be posted in the EV Conversions & Build forum under Technical Discussion or Controllers.

However for the sake of it.....These types of DC motor controllers are buck converters, meaning they can only step down voltage. So the motor voltage is always less than or equal to the battery voltage. by major
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Thanks a lot, for the next i will look for the correct forum.
No, it is not that type of controller (none that I know of are).

It can only go down in voltage.

48V isn't enough, get another couple batteries to test.
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