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Soliton Jr.

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I have built and electric truck and thought I was all done but I have taken it for several test drives and have not been happy with the performance at all it is sluggish and hard to get to 50mph. I finally got the performance better by increasing the throttle percentage to 75%, but now after just a few miles the BMS starts alarming even though the fuel gauge say's I have a full charge. I checked the battery pack with a volt meter and it showed 133v out of 144v system. One battery BMS was blinking so assumed it was the problem and checked it voltage and it was 2.68v. I can't figure it out so I took some screen shots of the Soliton Jr controller to aid in what is wrong with the truck.
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You need to post your settings page - specifically the part concerning battery and motor parameters - and a short log file of the issue with our logger program. Read The Fine Manual on how to do this.
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