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I've had Soliton1 in my car for last 4-5 years working great until this Spring. When I try to step on gas pedal, the Soliton does not apply any power to the motor. Error light on the Soliton is Off, internal webpage didn't provide any clues so I turned on the logger. Attached is a log file that includes pressing the brake then pressing the gas pedal.

Odd thing is the "High Motor Volt" error.
I can't find any documentation on that error, what does it mean?

The pack voltage measures 310V with a multi-meter.

With the +IGN signal off, I noticed that the two terminals that go from the Soliton1 to the motor also were at +310V when referenced to the pack's negative terminal.

I tried removing the battery pack + side from the Soliton. When I removed the + battery pack terminal from the Soliton, the voltage no longer appears on the Soliton motor output side. This is true in both the +IGN on and off state. This leads me to believe the Soliton is passing the +310V through the Soliton to the motor outputs. Is this possible? Does this mean the Soliton is toast?

I sent this detail to Evnetics before they shut down the business. I got this response: "Looks like there is a serious short in the unit. Please disconnect and send to us for repairs. Once we open it up, I can give you an idea of costs involved". After I shipped the unit to them, a few weeks passed before they emailed me saying they were closing the business and they could not repair the unit. They shipped the unit back to me, it was clear the box was never opened.

So, upon receipt, I took the Soliton1 apart to look for the "serious short". Inside I ohmed out the relays/solenoids, BJTs, resistors, caps, etc. I didn't find any shorts or components that looked fried. I also re-seated all the internal wire/cable/connectors.

I have not put the Soliton1 back in the car yet to see if it magically works, but I figured I'd reach out to see if anyone knows anything about the "High Motor Volt" error messages and steps to remedy that issue.

Thanks in advance.


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