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Sad, but true. Makes me feel old now ;-) But seriously, in making phone calls to look for parts, and when I had to rent the tow dolly to bring the donor home, and just recently talking to the battery reps, when asked "make and model" I say " '78 Pinto" . On several occasions I have received immediate chuckles instantly when I say that. There is some memory floating around of this ex- flame ball :) We'll see what people remember about it now after it kicks their ass at the track :)

Anchorage, Ak.

>Tim Humphrey wrote:
> That might work. But, keep in mind there a probably quite a few
> cops on the force today that have never seen and don't know what
> the hell a Pinto is; or what a slow piece of crap it was before you
> modified it.

> > Mike Willmon wrote:
> >
> > "But honest officer, this thing is only battery powered, I couldn't
> > possibly have layed those 100 ft twin black stripes. It must
> have been
> > that Red 5.0 liter Mustang that was next to me at the light. :-O"
> >
> > Do you think that would work for a Pinto? I mean no one in their
> right> mind would ever suspect.....a Pinto?
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