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I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone that I have offended & specifically to Mr. Ted Dillard & Electro Flyer .

I guess I had such "tunnel vision" while trying to tell "my story" that I took their suggestions as interruptions & then heckling & did not realize that folks were actually trying to help me.

I asked a moderator friend (Sid from DIYGK) his opinion, here is what he told me.

"Those guys really tryed to help you improve your design/installation..
and from what I've read (it's tough to follow w/o images)
some of it might very well be legit comments.
and they patiently tried for several days
until you revealed to them that you already moved on so it's not a build log.
it's a "been built" log;
I understand that you wanted to show off your creation (fair move)
and frankly it even seems to be the correct spot for that,
although it seems like they had a better place for such thread (at least ted said so)

But just as we do not like users coming here "asking questions" and "ignoring the answers" they don't like to get their valid comments/suggestions ignored, without explanation.

And at that you failed I'm afraid..
instead you had a chip on your shoulder and insisted on it being "your thread" and they should "leave if they don't like" etc...
you even dissed one of their valued members (which is a bad move around here as well )

you were the newbie, you have been their guest,
trying to be part of their community.
And you put your feet on the table and demanded a beer *shrugs*"


"the difference between a build log and a "been built" log is not just
a difference in gramatical tempus.
While you build and you document your progress,
you are "open for suggestions" at least somewhat let's say..
and people can help you avoid mistakes and feel involved.
if it has been built already you cannot comply to their suggestions (it's past tense already) they cannot be and cannot feel involved.
And as you did (split up the progress in numerous posts over numerous days) they are forced to patiently watch you make mistakes they could've helped you with.
You know that cringy feeling,
your wife asks you to allow your kid to make mistakes,
and you bite your nails since kiddo's happily making them and you're forced to watch and STFU."

So, yes now I understand how "I" was "way out of line".

I would also like to apologize to the El Moto & DIYelectriccars forums, I also should not have caused that drama for them either.

* Since, I'm banned, if some one could please post my apology over to the El Moto forum I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Kevin Functional Artist

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Mistakes are learning tools. If you don't make an occasional mistake, you'll miss the Big Picture and not advance your skills. Some mistakes are hard to see without someone sometimes pointing them out to you, whether its from "tunnel vision", pride, ignorance, or a little bit of everything. Moving on is good therapy, but only if you learned from it, gained wisdom, and healed up the butt sore.
Carry on!

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I'm going to guess that, the type of person you are and the type of brain you have, you often have trouble understanding social subtleties and it sometimes takes you a while to figure out the set of rules everyone operates by in a situation.

Just wanted to say that, most people, when they find themselves on the side where they might be wrong, don't investigate. They double-down, they get stubborn, they get defensive, and they pretend like they don't need to change. It's a character flaw, and it's good to see that, whatever mistakes you made, it's not one of yours.

It takes some sense of humility and responsibility to doubt your own behavior, ask for help, and if wrong, publicly own up to something and change your mind about it.

People like you tend to grow and improve throughout your lives, and those that might have it easier than you but stay stubborn will stagnate.
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