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Split atom

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Hi guys. I have a '75 split window fleetline bus. I would like to convert it to pure electric drive. Im just not sure where to begin. The old stock motor has already been removed and most of the interior too. In South Africa, its not so easy to source EV motors, controllers and batteries. I need an adaptor plate and a suitable electric traction motor to mount in the engine bay., only thing is...where do I find such parts?
I suppose I could have one made but would prefer a tried a tested off-the-shelf item.
Can you guys advise me what motor and battery setup will suit my requirements.
My bus weighs in at just 980 kg (without the motor), has a drag co-efficient similar to a brick, and the 4 speed gearbox has reduction boxes attached to the ends of the swing axle. I need a range of at least 100kms, cruising speeds of 90 to 120km/h and at least some climbing abilities.
What is my options here? DC or AC motor, regen braking, Li-ion batteries or am I barking up the wrong tree?
I would appreciate any advise you might have for me.
Thanks guys