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Hello Crost.

Have a look around if you haven't already for information and inspiration on the car build part. The key will be achieving very low weight (something the locost guys do well) and good aerodynamics (might be better getting some aero books or looking into sportscar/LMP racing designs).

On the electrical side it seems your aims are quite high given the current state of technology and assuming you have a limited budget. That said, with enough money mostly going on battery pack it doesn't look ridiculous. It's also worth considering that it'll likely take a couple of years to get a rolling car ready for cells, by that time there will have been further improvements in capacity and power output (or price at the same spec). Leave yourself room in the design for cells you've not found yet, don't wrap it tightly around currently available parts. The EV parts aren't likely to go up in price or down in performance while you're building so after picking some likely candidates for the EV parts to design around (loosely) I'd focus on the car to begin with.

A series hybrid with LiPO for burst power and a small ICE for cruise and charge could be a neat solution. All depends what you're after really.

Good luck, I'm slowly coming round to a very similar plan myself.
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