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Spring Sale.

I sell quite a few Tesla battery packs,
Mostly to B2B customers, boat-builders, car converters.
Often for smaller capacity conversions these modules are purchased in multiples of 6 modules.
A promise to my clients, all modules come from the same donor car, so all modules are of same capacity, as these have aged in same roadlife

OK, now we have some leftovers.
Currently on offer against 21% no VAT added plus free shipping NW Europe

Tes 16) Tesla S 75D 6/2016
5.3Kwh, 232Ah = 95% from new
€1200,--/unit incl VAT, incl. shipping NW Europe
2 pcs stock (12 modules sold for boat conversion)

Tes 19) Tesla X P100D 7/2018
6.41Kwh 276Ah
€1350,--/unit incl VAT, incl. shipping NW Europe
2 pcs left from 4 spare units ( 12 modules sold for MB Sprinter conversion)

Tes 21) Tesla X 75D 10/2018
5.3Kwh 242Ah
€1200,--/unit incl. VAT, incl. shipping NW Europe
3 pcs left from 4 spare units, (sold 2x5 modules for 2x Mini conversion)

Tes 22) Tesla S P100D 2/2018
6.41Ah, 275Ah
€1350,--/unit incl. VAT incl. shipping NW Europe
4 pcs (sold 12 units from pack for MB Sprinter conversion)

or collect in Obdam 1713SR Netherlands
if interested sent mail to [email protected] or call +31226712020



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