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Ok, I've got the Pump and drive motors. I have not laid hands on them yet. They were for sale closer to my folks so My dad went and snagged them for me. Judging from his description the drive motor may be a bit big for my 50hp lower unit but that is yet to be determined. The motors were discussed in this thread.

The pump motor is probably a better size for this project but it is not reversible so we will see.

I've started tearing down the donor outboard. Vehicle Auto part Engine

I'm not sure why the picture is sideways. I've tried a bunch of stuff to make it upright but it insists on being sideways.

I'm still considering using the impeller- water pump to run a water jacket for the motor but I may go with an external electric water pump to reduce chances of leaks. That, and changing those impellers is a pain in the butt.

Right now the plan is to cut the engine block and use it as the motor mount.

If the pump motor turns the correct direction there is a VERY SLIM chance that the drive shaft for the lower unit will fit the female splines of the motor. If not I have the crank shaft and access to a 3 axis CNC so the adapter should be straight forward.

I'll be heading up to grab the motors in a couple of weeks More pictures to come.
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