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Starting tractor re-power with Leaf components

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I've started collecting the components to convert a tractor. So far I have a salvaged 2015 leaf, and have my eye on some old tractors at auction that I think might be simple conversions. Hoping to get an Oliver 88, or 1550. We own two other leaf's (2015 and 2021). It will be fun to dig into one and learn.

I just discovered this forum and am really excited to find a place to come to share the experience. As I told my wife - I found my peeps! :)
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You do realize that the Leaf motor will run a tractor the size of your garage, right? Not going into the garage, but the garage itself. 200hp JD:

View attachment 127697

I get the feeling you'd get an "" from the wife.

A tractor like an Oliver is rated around 35-40HP at 1800rpm.

If you 2:1 the Leaf motor shaft speed, run it at 4000 rpm, you should be able to get by with a 200V cell stack...

You'll need to keep the dual clutch if you run the pto..
Wanna collaborate on converting that ? :D
Only if you can find two dead ones...absolutely.

4 year olds gone wild!
What do you think is the largest battery that would be practical there ? Machines of that class typically run for several hours in a row on large fields.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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