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Starting with a 1971 VW Sandrail

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Hi! My name is Christian and while having done quite a bit of reading on EVs, I am brand new to it.

I originally was going to make a Replica Vanderhall Edison2, but a little larger and encloseable. To save time I recently purchased a 1971 VW Sandrail without a motor. It was going to be a rebuild project but the guy never got time to restore it.

I was going to restore the frame, modify it more suited for an Edison2 and away I'd go... At first.

The more I look at it, the more I'd rather just fully restore it as an original Sandrail but convert it to Electric. I'm looking for help and opinions on what parts to go with and where to look.

So far, aside from having the unrestored Sandrail, I've read and watched a bunch on things needed for the conversion (Motor, controller, batteries, contactor, possible liquid or air cooling, etc) and I'm currently reading DIY Lithium Batteries by Micah Toll.

Looking forward to it all!