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State of the mod request: CCS DC fast charging

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some clarifications about what i mean:
  • onboard charge controllers or BMS' or both, not at-home charging boxes
  • CCS plug, not chademo. Chademo in my area especially is falling down very quickly and even then very few of them are even fast chargers
  • by "fast charger", i mean the standard 0-80% in 30 minutes speed
  • in my particular application, i'll be using only a 32kw total capacity battery, so having a way to fast charge so i don't need to worry as much about range is very high priority for my build

so, what's the current state of this? Last i heard, orion was looking into putting this into their BMS'
but i can't find any evidence of aftermarket or open source approaches, let alone how successful they've been
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Makes zero difference on a 120V extension cord when you're visiting your relatives/friends. You get 12A.

As far as Level 2, most of the pedestals for public charging that I've encountered are 7kW (30A) or so. This is the one I sometimes use at school if I can't get home with remaining SoC:

With a 3hr parking-stall limit, I can pick up about 60 miles in winter, which is plenty to go anywhere if you're not running cross country, which is foolish in a DIY, imo.

There's spec, then there's reality. People buy cars on comparatives. They don't build them on comparatives, but on need.
61 - 61 of 61 Posts