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hello every body, trying to be brief.

if nobody did i already know can't be done... so if i don't find any info only i guess there is no way to do it.

trying to get a steady temperature of the car when parked, without draining the main battery (specially when it's not plugged in) what can be built?

i already know that A\C compressor run from the main battery and draw lots of amp out of it, but it's also capable of producing lots of btu when cooling..

there are some kits that run on 12volt but i guess the amount of amps would be imbaracing... what do you suggest?

i see online lots of peltier panels for cooling small stuff application.. super small and low voltage medium amp drow.. i read that they are very inefficent, i was thinking about some sort of "cooling loop on the seats... that may contrasting the inside of the cabin temperature.....

would be easier run a a\C compressor but i don't see anything usefull specially because i would have for a surce the obvious solar panel with roughly 140cell... so i'm talking 400\500watts and very low amps and voltage..

suggestion?? ideas? not talking about having 18° celsius in the cabin... just trying to reduce a bit the inside temp
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