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Is there anyone or groups,clubs h have info on donor P/Uere building an EV or converting a vehicle to EV here in Tucson. I have info on a possible donor P/U stick shift needs roof and glass for converson. Priced right might be free to good talker
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Hi Sub,

Welcome to the group. In Tucson we have TEVA2 (, which meets at 9AM on the third Saturday of each month at UMC. The website is currently undergoing a remodel, but will soon be back up. Typically there are 8-10 members at each meeting.

What do you have planned for a conversion? There is a wealth of expertise available here, but it is recommended you peruse the WIKI, the Garage, and some of the build threads to whet your appetite first.....And most importantly, we like pictures.:)

I sent a reply to your PM, but I don't know if it went out. PM me your phone number and maybe we can get together for coffee and discuss your goals.:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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