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Suggestion for BMS controversy

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I follow the BMS threads/debates to learn. It strikes me that a large part of the controversy is that members have different opinions of what the term BMS means.


BMAN = battery management system
BMON = battery monitoring system
CMAN = cell management system
CMON = cell monitoring system

At a minimum, please use BMS and CMS to differentiate battery level monitoring from cell level monitoring.
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I'm pretty sure everyone in that thread considers BMS as a cell level monitoring or management system, depending of it shunts yes or no. Everything else is not considered as a BMS.

But everyone needs so now and then, if discussion is going the wrong way, to subtle twist and change the definition of terms. That is a human right. Fought for by the blood of our ancestors.
If you are following the 52+ page discussion here, it is not clear at all. I would also suggest that we look at it from the newbies perspective.
I think it's good Tim. Will save lots of time explaining/clarifying over and for the noobs..
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