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Super Low Budget EV Cart with floor machine and MartCarts

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I just bought a NSS floor machine.

It has a 3hp 36v motor for the pad motor, and it has a 1/2 hp 36v 250 Rpm drive motor.
My kids and I stripped it down and are just using a on/off switch to ride it in the drive way. We also got a couple of these mart carts that walmart uses.

Now we want to mash them up and make a high speed mart cart. When we tried to use the Poteniometer off of the floor machine, we couldn't get it to work right.
Does anyone have any fun ideas that we can make (on a very limited budget) out of these bad boyz?

Thanks, Jmaes
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Ok you got the batteries but 250 rpm if you were tinking to drive a car whit that???

LOW LOW speed but if you are up for building a go kart type of a car :) with no transmission hm would do nicle.

My motor i bought for 100 usb scrap yard , 1400 rpm 5kw = 6.some thing hp .

Down side i had to build the contoler
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