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Hi Guys
When I do the numbers on supercaps I get basically about 5000 times the cost compared to Lithium and about 200 times the weight (For the same energy stored)


This is a supercapacitor power storage bank with a capacity of 3.55 kWh and a price of $4755 (Australia)

This is only $1340 per kWh - and that includes the electronics that you need to squeeze the power out of supercaps

That is getting within kicking distance of the costs of CALB or the like

Seems to be Sydney based

I have asked for more info and a quote

Anybody in Ozz close enough to actually cast an eyeball on these?
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I have just coupled up my speakers and watched the video

He claims 75 kg for the 3.55 kWh unit - not bad maybe three times the weight instead of 200 times the weight

The guy explaining about it does not seem to be able to keep his kilowatts and kilowatt hours straight - which is a bit worrying

And they are 48v systems - seems a bit funny
My solar inverter is about 400v

He is also promising double and triple the power density "soon"

I hope it's gen!

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Certainly. Graphene made it to the market. No doubt in my mind: it's genuine.
About four years ago just one of the many promising technologies on the clean energy sites:

Insider Musk predicted several years ago that supercapacitors would be the next big thing,
according to this very recent (2018) news item about 180Wh/kg, 10 minute charging supercapacitor technology:
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