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Hi, sorry for the prolonged absence, i got other
priorities than the conversion this winter. I lost the original post too so i'm starting a new one.

But now we start it seriously.

Mechanical part is almost done, some things will be completed after the conversion :

  • fix the front wheel camber caused by the lift kit
  • heater
  • 200amp dcdc converter to charge the chalet batteries on the go

I used a canadian kit from CanEv which was 50/50 payed by the provincial state hence to a enrgy transition program. Cost of the kit was 25k$.... Quite expensive but very overbuild since they only had that in stock during the "pandemy". Its a Curtis AC-34 with a 10kwh battery pack at 115volts.

We made some modification to the crossmembers to change the motor and transmission angle, every function will be kept (manual 4x4, hi/low, and hydraulic dump box).

We had to do some precise machinery work with the universal adapter plate we got from the kit.

We are installing all the electrical components today. Project should be completed next week if everything goes well.

Communication between the parts will use the Can protocol, first time for me so i'm a little bit worried about this part. I will have support for CanEv to program the bms/controller/charger. I have a can isolator too to be sure that the HV parts is isolated.

I'll keep posting here during the project.

Any advice?

Thx! Seb.
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A Suzuki Carry or a Hiace were #1 on my list for a swap. Couldn't find one with the 4x4 and dumper in decent condition near me, so I went with the Econo instead.

Awesome build, looks like CanEV set you up good. You do any rage estimates on that 10kwh pack?
Very tuff question! I have another "similar" build with a chironex komodo and a 5kwh battery which give me around 30km... Since the similar weight and the far better motor/controller, I hope for something around 60km.

Here we can buy them from japan for around 10k$ cad in pristine condition, maybe check with the imported car garage near you, i dont think there is any problem between japan and the states for old car import?

Mine was a salvage for an old shed so its not super clean but everything worked so it was a good one for this type of project. I just finished putting the cells in order i will assemble the bms tomorrow (stressfull part lol) 115Volts DC...

Thx! Seb
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My system is pretty much the same, but shittier and higher AH cells. I’m doing a new pack soon, and considering heating my boxes. It was my daily all winter and the range took a severe hit. Was expecting 20%, and it was more like 35%-45%. Probably because my prismatics are in a cold aluminum box like yours.

When I swap my cells I'm probably going to do something with heated pads, and maybe thin insulation. Have you considered it? If anyone is running something similar, info would be great.
Mine will only be use in summer so i dont have this trouble. But yes i will probably face it sooner or later if i find snow tracks for it...

You should paint your box black or a dark color, and like you said heating pad controlled via a thermostat and some insulation will surely help.

My friend added a oil heater in his e-golf. I was thinking about doing the same on future builds. Its cheap, compact and efficient. And one could route a small heating loop for the battery pack. I dont remember the name of the thing but its quite popular in machinery cab heating.

Could be a better solution than the heating pads.

Keep me in touch, thx!


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HV wiring completed, it's 2/0 gauge, soldered and crimped. I'm doing the canbus and all the rest of wiring before doing the battery. Still waiting for the charger cable and connector. I used the orignal accelerator cable, located just beside the controller since there is not so much space in front of a carry. I'll try to find the original clutch and brake wires too for the same reason.
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