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Synkro RPM

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I have a Synkromotive controller. I'm having an issue with the limiter for the tachometer. The RPM matches what the car's tachometer reads, but the limiter seems to trigger at about half of the value I have set. Right now it's set at 6000 rpms just so I can get 3200 or so for my top end. I hooked up an o'scope, and it was a little noisy. It seems like if that was the problem, though, then the actual reading would track the noise as well. Any ideas?

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There's foil inside the cable, so I grounded that and tried it again. No change. When I change the limit, it limits it to about half. At 1000, I get 500 or so. Another problem is that 6000 is the top value the controller allows. It's strange to me that the RPM readout is steady, but the limiter is wrong.

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