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Has anyone had any success communicating with their Synkromotive controller via CANbus? I know those controllers aren't being sold/ supported anymore, but the one in my conversion is (so far) still working well. Exception being that it's recently stopped communicating via the USB adapter it came with. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the adapter or with the controller itself. (Hopefully not the latter.) According to the manual, the ports are CAN bus ports, but the documentation I saved is very sparse on any details beyond that. I do have a working raspberry pi- can bus setup working that's communicating with other CAN devices (e.g. the charger).

I'm hoping the controller can still communicate, otherwise it'll be "bricked" as soon as 12v continuous is removed (that's been my only complaint about the controller so far - that it's settings aren't stored in nonvolatile memory :(
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