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Tachometer Wiring Ideas

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Continued from the EV Calculations Thread

KiwiEV, the 1.5 volts that you're supplying to the tach isn't really what the gauge needs. It is just a coincidence that 1.5 volts moved the tach to 4,000 rpm. A conventional 4 stroke piston engine will send a signal (a 12 volt signal IIRC) to the tach one time for every 2 rotations of the crank. I have heard of people placing inductive pick-ups on the front shaft of a Warp8 or similar double shaft motor, but that would send a signal to the tach twice as often as needed. I guess it depends on the car as to whether or not the tach would like that signal. How is it possible to divide the number of pulses by two?
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I understand what you mean. This would be why the light-sensor tachometer 'generators' that you can get for EV's use pulses.
What I've done is a little different, and destructive (my favourite method!).
As you can guess, I was one of those kids who took apart his toys.

After doing some playing around with different voltages, I bypassed the circuit completely (see the photo below) and soldered a new power source straight to the needle 'motor' spring thingy.

This way varying the voltage changes the reading. It's very crude I admit but it is fascinating and I reckon I could figure out a cheap way to make it work, even if it's only accurate just before red-line for safety.
What do you reckon? I hope you're going to tell me it could work, or at the very least lie to me.
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