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I'm looking to convert my Tata Nano into an electric vehicle for which I'm looking for suitable conversion kit. The max power output of current IC engine is 38bhp @ 5500rpm and a max torque of 51Nm @ 4000rpm with overall weight of car being 750kgs.

For getting it to convert it into an EV I need a suitable motor specs compatible with the IC engine. I got the engine dismantled and the space available beside the gearbox is 340mm from gearbox shaft to the frame, width of 715mm in between the frame and height of 550mm from shield of trunk. Below are the pic attached of the space available.

Also I'm looking for a range of 150kms, so suitable batteries like lifepo4 are required. Let me know how to proceed further and what to consider and what not.


1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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