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Tax Rebate Forms

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The correct 8910 form and instructions for 2010 are finally posted for those needing a conversion credit.
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FYI-- the IRS is rejecting eFilings for the 8910 if the year specified on line 1 is earlier than 2009. I just spent a LONG time on the phone with the IRS and the conclusion we came to is you should put in the "year" of your conversion. They certainly were not confident in this and believe that if you paper file this will not be a problem-- basically it sounds like there is a problem with the electronic rules they have setup.
That's pretty lame, as it's quite obvious line 2 should include the conversion year. They took mine no problem (free file fillable form) almost a week ago.

The only issue I had was getting the right forms, as first they had form and instructions from 2009, then the form from 2010 but inst 2009, then an html link that said inst 2010 pointing to inst 2009, then inst 2009 renamed 2010, then inst 2009 with the heading changed to 2010, then finally the actual inst 2010 with instructions for the "personal credits" line.
Hmm-- I used TurboTax to eFile and it was rejected 3 times before I called the IRS. Maybe the problem is specific to TurboTax submissions then. Stupid government! :)
I gave up on turbotax back when I was filing 1040ezs, turbo still wanted me to answer every question for a 1040 or 1040A instead of the 5 lines I had to do for the ez form.
First, thanks for putting me on the right thread, ziggy!
I had filed with turbotax and it had been rejected. I removed the reference altogether and filed as i need thecash and plan to file a paper 1040x amendment and a paper 8910 with everything filled in like the MAN asks for it and will report what happens.
Question- has anyone successfully filed a 8910 paper and filled in the info as the MAN asks for it? (correct year of car, etc) and received a correct refund?

Thank you to all, it is beautiful to have this resource - the IRS said they would call me within 15 days - that is nuts.

If you want a paper success story, you'll have to wait a while. Last year I had to paper file and it took about 2-3 months, instead of the usual 2 weeks (if you file early).

This year I used the Free File Fillable Forms including the 8910. It said they'd notify me within 24-48 hours if it was accepted. It actually took 4-5 days, but was accepted no problem. :)
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