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Hi, welcome to the forum!
Unless you have boatloads of cash you just don't know where to put, these are too expensive. To have enough capacity for about a 40mile range on an average EV, you'll spend around 100'000$. So for the same price you can get a tesla roadster, and have 250 miles range :D
The discharge current is very impressive, but you really don't need that much. I don't know how much a typical car draws, but I think I read somewhere that (usually) you don't need more than ~2-3C continuous rated battery (again, I'm not sure - please confirm ^^). Usually peak draw is several times more, so that covers accelerations etc.
If you want to get lithium batteries, have a look here. A group purchase of ThunderSky lithium iron batteries (LiFePO4) is being organized. The more we get, the bigger the discount, up to 40%.
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