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Tesla Battery Modules + Electric Boat Part Out

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I am parting out (or selling whole if interested) an electric boat that is almost complete, there is a control system problem which might very well come down to a loose connection in a wiring harness.


Video of boat -

Reason for selling is this was a concept vessel for a company I was creating and the company has folded.

- 18' Four Winns Ski Boat (No Engine)

- 16 Tesla Modules (85 kWh Battery Pack) with no sub-BMS within each module

- Tesla Model S Inverter/Motor Controller

- Tesla Motor 362 HP

- DIY Plexiglass Battery Enclosure

- Orion BMS w/ Safety Wiring Relays

- 3.3 kW Lear Charger

- Thunderstruck EV Charge Controller

- Jack Rickard Tesla Hack EV Drive Control System

- Coolant System w/ Pumps

- Optima Blue Top Battery

Serious buyers please PM.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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