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So I'm one of the new EV build adventurers trying to convert a 1980 Porsche 911 SC into a backdated (long hood etc.) 911 Porschla.

Right now I'm pretty occupied stripping the car down so that it can be blasted, have some rust repair and other body mods completed (sunroof delete, ST fenders etc.). However, I've also managed to purchase a low mileage (19k) 2013 Models 85 unit for a good price and know that once the car is gone for body restoration that I'll have to start tinkering with getting the motor functioning.

Wanted to review all the options that would allow me to control the motor and get any further input. Based on my research so far, here are the options I've found:

Controller replacements:

CAN/software based kit:
  • EV Controls (link)
  • EVTV Basic Kit - AKA "guaranteed not to work with your motor" kit :D (link)

Now I know that there are a few full drive unit sales options (EVWest, EVTV and HSR Motors) but as I already have a unit I'm not going that route.

First, am I missing any option above?

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