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I had a strange dream last night involving a Dragon capsule landing in my back garden. I have takes that as a sign to do some more Tesla hacking. Behold the Gen 2 DC DC converter. Looks like a simple beast but very nicely made.

We'll need to do CAN control as there is no separate logic board for me to replace (boooo). Anyway, here is a look inside to get things moving. As usual, all material will be open source and I'll set up a Github repo once I get some things happening.
Thanks for sharing these images.
I found that there is a boost interleaved converter before the main phase-shifted full-bridge dc-dc converter...
can you explain what is the role of the boost interleaved converter?? and what criteria induce the tesla to implement the interleaved boost converter before the PSFB?
and another question
why there are three chokes? usually, we use two chokes in EMI filters..
Best Regards....
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