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I'm reading online that estimates to run a Tesla drive unit, 65 miles per hour for 1 hour, will consume around 20kwh of energy. So does that mean I would need a generator, that is making a constant 20kw?
This is like saying "I only need 25 HP to keep my car moving at freeway speeds, can I just replace the engine with a 25 HP predator engine from harbor freight?" Sure! but your acceleration will be pretty slow, to say the least.

Could I put a small gas/diesel powered 20Kw generator under the hood, and wire it to the tesla drive unit, and use the efficiency of the small gas/diesel generator to power the Tesla drive unit down the highway?
You could; I believe this is how diesel powered trains work, more or less. The question is, do you want a car that accelerates like a train? Do you want to slow down to a crawl when you need to climb a hill? If you want to build a road-train, by all means, go for it. If you want to get 80mpg, buy a moped.
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