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I can build/fix about anything. Overhauled diesel engines, tractors, race engines, etc. But, my knowledge on electrical is limited and thats where my questions are. I can do simple things like wire trailers, replace receptacles in my house, replace fuses, etc. but I do not have a great understanding of watts, ohms, volts, etc.

What are the difficulties in buying a Tesla drive unit, and powering it with a small diesel/gas generator?

I'm reading online that estimates to run a Tesla drive unit, 65 miles per hour for 1 hour, will consume around 20kwh of energy. So does that mean I would need a generator, that is making a constant 20kw?

Could I put a small gas/diesel powered 20Kw generator under the hood, and wire it to the tesla drive unit, and use the efficiency of the small gas/diesel generator to power the Tesla drive unit down the highway? Simple example, if I can spin a 20Kw with a diesel motor under 1/2 load, at lets say .8 gallons per hour, traveling 65 miles per hour. That would be roughly 81.xx miles to the gallon. If there are any electrical reserves to recharge a battery bank, could possibly go further. I understand I'll need a drive control and whatever else (similar to an electric golf cart). Please tell me what I'm missing. I appreciate the education I'm surely about to receive. Thanks for any input.
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