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There are three different big Drive Unit types:
  • Base 330 kW; 450 Nm
  • Sport 400 kW; 600 Nm
  • Performance 475 kW; 650 Nm
Prices for Europe are Base 5500 Euro, Sport 6300 Euro, Performance 8900 Euro. Average delivery time in Europe is 2 weeks at the moment.

Only have Base and Performance versions here at the moment, so Sport would have two more weeks delivery time.

Shipping to Texas seems to be around 800 Euro air freight.
Hi Marc,
maybe there's no-one to answer as its been a while since this was posted.
Are you still tampering with EV's?
I live in Germany too, and am toying with the idea of electrifying a large 1958-1964 US convertible. (land yacht)
I believe such a car to be a good base due to the ample space for batteries.
As you see to have some experience I would love to have a chat with you.

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