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Tesla front SDU oil - Mobil SHC 629 alternatives

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I have a Tesla front SDU part number 1035000-00-F. It has no oil in it, so I need to buy some.
The only information I can find online states: Front drive unit part number 1035000-00-F and earlier: Mobil SHC 629

Unfortunately, I can't buy Mobil SHC 629 in the UK (at least in sane quantities). Would anyone be able to recommend alternatives?

My research into SHC 629 suggests that it's a fully synthetic industrial gear oil, ISO 150 with "EP" additives. I found this product, which appears to be the same grade: INFO Indisyn Gear Oils.pdf [EDIT, THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT OIL, SEE POST BELOW FOR CORRECT OIL]

Would this be suitable? Are there any particular properties of SHC 629 that I need to be careful to match, or is there anything else in particular that people use for this gearbox?

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Tesla's Electronic Parts Catalog includes a "Sales Restriction" for each item, which is usually either "Restricted" (you can't buy it without being the owner of a corresponding Tesla) or "Over-the-Counter(No VIN)" (so you can buy it); however, this item is listed as "E-Procurement "... maybe that means you can buy it online? I suspect it can only be purchased by approved companies though a Tesla online portal.


These drive units use the same oil to cool the motor as to lubricate the gears, so viscosity and thermal characteristics would be important in ways not expected in a strictly gearing application.
Thanks. I didn't get anywhere with the Mobil SHC 629, but I have had confirmation that this product readily available in the UK is a direct replacement for it, so I'll give it a try:

If it was my DU, I'd use Dexron VI, which is a full synthetic.

If all else fails, Tesla's engineers seem to be from BMW/VW group, so a full synthetic from those cars would probably work as well. That's how I found the "battery coolant" before they finally unweaseled it from being a magic sauce that only the service center could add.

You could always take the DU to a service center and have them fill it, lol. Did you try? Some parts of the company seem to me to be total dicks (the parts the lawyers touch, it seems), whereas others are good people who try to help out.
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If it was my DU, I'd use Dexron VI, which is a full synthetic.
Dexron VI is specified for later drive units, but strangely not for this one. I don't know what's different, but I figured it would be better to use the exact type they recommend (or as close as possible).
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