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Tesla Large Drive Unit: Set up for Reverse Rotation!!!

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Tesla Large Drive Unit Mercedes B class w242 designed to run in front of the front axle line. Already has logic board from evbmw. $5000 obo

So it is setup to run reverse rotation from the factory.

With the evbmw logic board this thing is fully unlocked and can spin just as fast as any large drive unit. Still needs to get the 12v connector figured out. Need to modify case to fit longer clocking wires and modify case to accept new connector, and need to solder wires to new pins on new connector. I bought some just not that great with this stuff and figured someone else on here might be looking for one and could put it to use faster than me.

Comes with
Charger gen 2 open source logic board
drive shafts
DC to DC
Rapid splitter HV cables
Inverter to hvjb cables
12v harness
Throttle pedal model s
Master cylander model s brake
Ac unit
Battery heater
JLD 505 for chademo fast charging

This link should have more info and pics.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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