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Tesla Model S PTC Heater (Troubleshooting)

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Hi there,

There is no warm in the cabin in my Tesla Model S from 2016 and after some research, I have my doubt that:
* PTC Heater is Defect/Malfunctioning, which occured the DC-DC convertbox (junction box) fuse brok (40A - 700V)

So I want to know anybody here know, is there any way to trouble shoot the PTC Heater circuit board and find a way which component broke and replace it instead buying a new PTC Heater
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I have the same problem which happened following upgrade (system generated) and I have contacted Tesla who have told me they will fix for £1189.00 - Still in shock. Model S (2018). So, if you get any information or help please can you share?
I also have a dead one in my Model X. It's a very common failure.

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